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Digital gestützte Lehrformate entwickeln

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Legal questions on digitally-supported teaching

Within the framework of the programme “Digital Campus Bavaria” a joint university consultation service in IT legal matters has been established at the University of Würzburg’s computer centre, financed by the Free State of Bavaria.

This web page on IT law  will provide you with information on the following aspects:

  • Scope of permitted use
  • Lectures
  • Learning platforms
  • Materials and further links.

Contact partner is Johannes Nehlsen.

The post works closely with the Information Security Department of Bavarian Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences at HAW Augsburg - the contact partner there is Christian S. Fötinger.

If you hold live lectures, then refer students to recordings:

“The following lecture is recorded, the recording includes image, sound and chat within the web conference so that students can then watch the recording as a video stream. If you do not agree with your image, sound or chat being recorded, do not switch the camera and microphone on and please don’t participate in the chat. In this case, any questions on the lecture can be addressed to the teacher via email.

What is more: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also applies during times of corona.