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Tender BayWISS prize for the best research poster 2020

© Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Until 15 September 2020 all BayWISS doctoral candidates have the opportunity to apply with their poster and pitch for this year’s BayWISS prize for the best academic poster! 

Outstanding research on its own is not enough, results need to be well communicated, too. The BayWISS prize 2020 will enable you to demonstrate your talent by presenting your poster – winners can also document this on their CV. Prize money amounting to 250, 150 and 100 euros is in store for winners of the three best posters. Winners are determined by a jury made up of spokespersons for the BayWiss Joint Academic Partnership. (See blue box for assessment criteria.)

The award ceremony will take place on 9 October 2020 as part of the member meeting for presidents of the 31 BayWISS member universities, and prize winners will be connected via video conference. The three winning posters will then be presented on the BayWiss website.

We would like to thank both university associations Universität Bayern e.V. And Hochschule Bayern e.V. for having each donated 250 euros in prize money again this year.


Nachricht zum BayWISS-Posterpreis 2019

The criteria for the jury of experienced researchers are as follows

  • Layout (high-quality presentation and clearly structured design)
  • Vision (clear research hypothesis and clear relevance for the future)
  • Content (clearly formulated content, supporting figures and precise academic statements)
  • Presentation (with regard to poster pitch: comprehensibility, structuring, competence, enthusiasm)

Die Unterlagen können bis zum 31.8.2021 bei den Verbundkollegs eingereicht werden.