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Synergies for universities in Bavaria

Joint challenges, joint solutions

Our expert forum "Strategy & Networking” is a think tank, incubator, discussion forum and network all rolled into one – and by all means open to good ideas. We create synergy effects and strengthen research, teaching and life long learning throughout Bavaria by pooling various competencies and experiences of people at Bavarian universities in a subject-specific way and jointly developing concrete solutions.

Academic Training

BayWISS-Working Group

In the Working Group “Academic Further Training” at the BayWISS Expert Forum Strategy & Networking, experts from Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences devise recommendations and concepts across all types of university for a university-friendly legal framework, efficient structures as well as personnel matters in the context of academic further training. There is also a good practice exchange with a focus on strategic perspectives.

Digitalisation and Teaching

BayWISS-Working Group

In the working group Digitalisation and Teaching", Vice Presidents for Study and Teaching and Chief Information Officers from Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences develop proposals spanning all types of university on strengthening digital teaching, concepts on digital examinations and on networking between experts and exchange ideas about good practice regarding IT equipment and infrastructure  at universities. Here, the AG works in partnership with Bavarian institutions such as die Virtuellen Hochschule Bayern (vhb), das Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern ZD.B (Centre for Digitalisation Bavaria) and the Zentrum für Hochschuldidaktik DiZ (Centre for University Didactics).

Klimaneutrales Bayern – Was müssen wir tun?

BayWISS-Jahreskolloquium 2021

Das BayWISS-Jahreskolloquium widmete sich 2021 einem Thema, das aktueller kaum sein könnte. Expertinnen und Experten aus den 31 Mitgliedshochschulen von BayWISS trafen sich am 7. Oktober in Bayreuth, um sich über den Stand der Klimaforschung in Bayern zu informieren und zu erfahren, welche Möglichkeiten die Universitäten und Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften sehen, den Wandel positiv zu beeinflussen. Hier mehr erfahren

Resilience and Innovation in Times of Crisis – the Responsibility of Bavarian Universities

BayWISS annual colloquium 2020 goes digital

Instead of the planned attendance annual colloquium 2020, on 6 July 2020 BayWISS launched a digital event series on “Resilience and Innovation in Times of Crisis – the Responsibility of Bavarian Universities” together various cooperation partners. Learn more here

Homosapiens 2.0 – using artificial intelligence and biotechnology to create superhumans?

BayWISS Annual Colloquium 2019

The BayWISS annual colloquium is both network meeting and think tank alike. Find out more about the controversial future topic of “Human Enhancement” and discuss with experts.