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Kooperation in der digitalen Lehre

© Josh Calabrese / unsplash

Teaching in the winter semester 2020 – stronger together

Dear teachers, dear Dean of Studies and study coordinators,

The Covid-19 pandemic confronts Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences with exceptional challenges. Virtually overnight, we are tasked with making a broad programme of digitally supported teaching available to students in a way that meets their individual needs.

That’s why many of you – with good reason – seek solidarity with colleagues: across various disciplines for technical and didactic support (here are a few tips and links that we have collated) and within your subject for specific content and details on lectures. We would like to support you in drawing up a joint digital curriculum with specialist colleagues across Bavaria, so as to reduce your preparation time and to better achieve common goals. Expert colleagues on-site will be responsible for supervising the current lectures.

If we have awakened your interest in sharing digital teaching materials with colleagues: Use the platform of the Virtuellen Hochschule Bayern (Virtual University Bavaria)(so that students can see this offer too). That is the simplest option. Your curricula must be available via your university’s learning management system linked to the vhb, this connection is available at almost all Bavarian universities and HAWs, however. Your local partner on-site is the vhb officer at your university. Teaching units can also be stored independently of this in the repository smart.vhb.org. Please contact the team in the vhb division or the vhb officer at your university.

If you cannot use the platform (at first) for technical reasons or you only want to directly share your materials with colleagues, then simply indicate your willingness or interest (version A) below on the form (unfortunately this has to be filled out individually for each event..). It might also make sense to agree on a certain division of labour with colleagues at other Bavarian universities and to jointly develop at least part of the lectures (version B). We will disclose the results of this survey to all teachers (by department) throughout Bavaria via the Vice-President of Teaching. The colleagues concerned can then simply contact one another by email and make a pragmatic decision on how to proceed.

We wish you much success and stay healthy!

Your BayWISS-AG Digitalisation and Teaching


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