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Great connections.

Das Bayerische Wissenschaftsforum.
The Bavarian Academic Forum.


How well connected are you?

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Great solutions.

Das Bayerische Wissenschaftsforum.

The Bavarian Academic Forum.


Which problem are you solving?

Born in Erlangen, in 1904 Emmy Noether was one of the first female students to be enrolled at the Friedrich-Erlangen-Universität in Erlangen, studied mathematics and was the first fully matriculated woman to earn her doctorate there in 1907. She is considered a co-founder of modern algebra.
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Great ideas.

Bavarian Academic Forum.


What are you conducting research on?

On 8 November 1895, the 50-year old physician Conrad Röntgen (meaning X-ray in German and soon became its namesake), discovered X-rays in his laboratory at the University of Würzburg. This earned him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901. His discovery revolutionised medical diagnostics among others and led to discoveries such as radioactivity. Röntgen died on 10 February 1923 in Munich.

Expert Forum "Verbundpromotion"

Our Expert Forum for Consortial Doctorates sets new standards for cooperative doctorates: The currently eleven BayWISS Joint Academic Partnerships are subject-specific platforms and networks for both young and experienced researchers alike, and strengthen the culture of academic exchange between Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences.

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Expert Forum Strategy and Networking

Expert Forum Strategy & Networking

In the Expert Forum Strategy and Networking we address new university-wide topics, organise colloquiums and create working groups from which new expert forums may arise. Our thematic annual colloquium unites universities, political actors and society to discuss issues we will face in the future.

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The Bavarian Academic Forum – BayWISS is the cooperation platform for all eleven universities and 19 universities of applied sciences (HAWs) in Bavaria as well as the Hochschule für Philosophie München (Munich School of Philosophy). We create new and subject-specific joint university networks and new spaces for bold ideas, as well as strengthening research, teaching and further training.

About us

Auch wir im Bayerischen Wissenschaftsforum - BayWISS sind erschüttert über den Überfall auf die Ukraine. Wir sind solidarisch mit den Menschen und bitten um Spenden ! Details

Fachforum Verbundpromotion

Currently in our 11 Joint Academic Partnerships we have 295 doctoral candidates. 74 Alumni have successfully completed their doctorate.